about the Team

MicroTraffic's vision is to end traffic fatalities and serious injuries by developing technology for safe mobility.

Our team has built a culture that emphasizes impact, science, results, ownership, collaboration, and belonging as core values. 

Our current focus is the development of proactive intersection safety plans by road safety experts using AI video diagnostics and top tier road safety research.


Our future involves continuous edge analytics, supporting risk management for connected and autonomous vehicles, and helping insurance industries to transform safety culture. 

joining the team

If MicroTraffic's vision and culture appeals to you and you would like to join our team, we'd like to hear from you. For all job inquiries, please email info@microtraffic.com. We are particularly interested in talking to computer vision engineers, full stack developers, and road safety engineers. 


Dave Rushang

Road Safety Engineer and Deputy COO


Dave has an M.Sc. in Civil Engineering from U of Manitoba and has completed road safety work in more than 50 cities in 4 countries.  

Joel Penner

Road Safety Engineer and COO


Joel is a certified road safety professional and has co-authored award winning papers on surrogate safety. He is a co-founder of MicroTraffic and an expert in surrogate safety. 

Craig Milligan

Road Safety Engineer & CEO


As an international leader in road safety engineering, Craig has completed more than 300 road safety audits. Craig co-founded MicroTraffic after working on too many intersections where the crash data said no risk, but then later somebody died. 

Amanda Pushka

Road Safety Engineer & VP of Customer Team


Amanda has an M.Sc. in Civil Engineering and is a certified road safety professional. She helps cities through the process of deploying and using MicroTraffic technology. 

John Lower

Road Safety Specialist and VP of Safety Partnerships


John was the City Traffic Engineer and Transportation Manager at the City of Anaheim before transitioning to work in the field of video-enabled ITS for the last 10 years. He is a fellow of ITE and a League of American Bicyclists Instructor. 

road safety team

Coding Station

Seerat Randhawa

Deep Learning Computer Vision Engineer

Patrick Corcoran

Deep Learning Computer Vision Engineer and CTO

Mahmoud Kalash

VP of Deep Learning and Computer Vision

Sina Radmard

Deep Learning Computer Vision Engineer

Deep learning team


Khurram Butt, Ph.D.

Process Research Engineer, Robotics and Data Science

Jobelle Borja

Data Scientist

Carl Wiebe

Data Scientist  / Junior Full Stack Developer /Junior Computer Vision

Aena Teodocio

Data Scientist

Alex Nesterenko

Data Scientist

Emmanuel Neri

Data Scientist

Ilyas Nisar

Data Science Engineer

Project Manager

Lucas Schwartz

Data Scientist

Janielle Angeles

Data Scientist

Sachin Vijayan

Manager of Finance and Administration

Data Science & Office Team

MicroTraffic is a leading provider of microscopic traffic data for road safety engineers. Our technology is based on computer vision, video analytics, machine learning, predictive modelling, and the safe systems philosophy. We assist engineers to apply surrogate safety methods for proactive decision making. In addition to generating near-miss data from video with our AI engine, we arrange video collection, produce intersection safety improvement plans, and conduct risk reduction monitoring.  

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