Security Surveillance

What we do

We collect video or use existing feeds.

We measure near-misses to predict injury crashes with 94% accuracy. 

We create road safety plans for intersections that reduce risk by 80%.

We measure risk reduction 30 times faster than crash-based methods. 

We shape the profession through training and research.

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where we do it

64 communities use MicroTraffic to discover and eliminate traffic risks. 

We're talking about big ones like Austin, Montreal, Toronto, Fukushima, and Amsterdam.

And small ones like Wainright, Bemidji, and Portage la Prairie. 

We love it when they see zero near-misses in the after study.

It's the kind of vision-zero that you can see.

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MicroTraffic is a leading provider of microscopic traffic data for road safety engineers. Our technology is based on computer vision, video analytics, machine learning, predictive modelling, and the safe systems philosophy. We assist engineers to apply surrogate safety methods for proactive decision making. In addition to generating near-miss data from video with our AI engine, we arrange video collection, produce intersection safety improvement plans, and conduct risk reduction monitoring.  

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