Research on Video Conflict Analysis and Surrogate Safety

MicroTraffic is actively engaged in research in the field of surrogate safety analysis especially as it pertains to the Safe Systems approach and to predictive modelling.

We are very open to working with universities. If you are a university graduate student, post-doc, or professor and you would like to discuss using video analytics for your research, please contact us. There is a good chance we can help you out.

Current and recent collaborative research projects:

  • Dr. Bhagwant Persaud, Ryerson University - Collision prediction using surrogates from video

  • Transport Canada and Alberta Transportation  -- Rail safety using surrogates from video

  • Fireseeds North Infrastructure - Left hook speed profiles global benchmarking study

MicroTraffic is a leading provider of microscopic traffic data for road safety engineers. Our technology is based on computer vision, video analytics, machine learning, predictive modelling, and the safe systems philosophy. We assist engineers to apply surrogate safety methods for proactive decision making. We produce conflict reports for individual traffic safety studies and also offer a proactive road safety network screening service.

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