MicroTraffic's Road Safety Network Screening service provides proactive risk profiles at every intersection in your network from any camera.

To use our network screening service you need to systematically collect video at every major intersection in your network on a rotating basis. We generate risk profiles based on near-misses that we automatically detect using road safety video analytics.

Our road safety network screening service lets you find intersections and specific movements with abnormally elevated risk levels so that you can proactively improve them before crashes happen. It also identifies systemic risk factors which can be addressed with low-cost countermeasures at all locations. This service is a perfect diagnostic solution for developing effective vision zero strategies and highway safety improvement plans. 

Network screening with video analytics is a major undertaking. We  start with a feasibility and trial study. The goal of a feasibility and trial study is to help you determine if this approach to network screening is a good fit for your organization. Please book a call with one of our road safety engineers to learn more about a feasibility and trial study.

MicroTraffic is a leading provider of microscopic traffic data for road safety engineers. Our technology is based on computer vision, video analytics, machine learning, predictive modelling, and the safe systems philosophy. We assist engineers to apply surrogate safety methods for proactive decision making. We produce conflict reports for individual traffic safety studies and also offer a proactive road safety network screening service.

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