MicroTraffic's Conflict Reports provide high resolution near-miss data for risk diagnosis during an in-service road safety audit or a before-after study in road safety.

Data on near-misses supports better road safety studies.

To incorporate a MicroTraffic conflict report into your next road safety study, we will need you to obtain 3 to 7 days of intersection video and send it to us. You can get the video from a TMC PTZ or fisheye camera, by installing a temporary camera like a Miovision Scout or a Vermac CT-2430, or by sending a video collection contractor to the field.   We will automatically analyze the video to determine road user positions, speeds, accelerations,  near-misses, and turning movement counts.  


Our conflict reports are about 30-40 pages long, containing data on all relevant conflict configurations. A conflict configuration, for example, is NBL vehicle vs Ped on West Crosswalk. For each configuration, we provide:

  • The number of conflicts observed in the critical, high, medium, and low risk categories

  • Annualized estimates of conflict frequency (e.g. 400 critical risk events per year)

  • The conflict rate, as a percentage of road users making the respective movement

  • A comparison of the conflict rate to our benchmarks, when available, using relative risk multiples (e.g. 3% of pedestrians on west crosswalk experience high risk conflicts with SBR vehicles, compared to a benchmark rate of 0.3% for similar intersections, meaning the relative risk is 10 times over benchmark).

  • A temporal distribution of conflicts by severity to assist with operational diagnostics. 


To use our conflict reports, you need a MicroTraffic analytics license. Licenses are sold on the basis of intersection units . Ad hoc licenses are available for as low as a single intersection. Volume discounts begin for licenses with 5 or more intersection units, with the deepest volume discounts available for network screening licenses that cover an agency's entire network on a fixed cycle like a turning movement count program. 

Consultants performing road safety studies are using MicroTraffic Conflict Reports to drive better diagnostic value for their clients, leading to growth in assigned projects. Agencies ordering reports directly have used diagnostic data for decisions about more than $200 million in road safety spending, and have also used our reports in before-after studies to rapidly demonstrate effectiveness. 

MicroTraffic is a leading provider of microscopic traffic data for road safety engineers. Our technology is based on computer vision, video analytics, machine learning, predictive modelling, and the safe systems philosophy. We assist engineers to apply surrogate safety methods for proactive decision making. We produce conflict reports for individual traffic safety studies and also offer a proactive road safety network screening service.

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